The Hair Wiz Valet


Looking for a Professional Hair Stylist in Washington, DC (DMV)?

If you are looking for a professional hair stylist, clients will love the experienced Hair Wiz Valet - providing expert advice tailored to your specific hair type and needs. Whether you are looking for a new, updated hairstyle or want to enhance your existing look, The Hair Wiz is here to make it happen.

What to Expect from the Hair Wiz

An individualized experience with an innovative, modern, creative and vibrant stylist who is knowledgeable of the latest techniques in hair cutting, hair styling, hair treatments, and hair coloring, Washington, DC (DMV) clients want and deserve. 


The Hair Wiz offers a variety of professional hair services including glue-less frontal, lace closure, and natural weave installs and even makeup services. Here is a spotlight of a few of the popular services:

Natural Full Weave

The majority of the hair is braided. A portion at the top, sides and/or back area left out upon request.

Enclosure Weave

None of your natural hair left out. All of the natural hair is braided. The tracks are closed off at the top. With traditional closure.

Lace Closure Weave

None of your natural hair left out. All of the natural hair is braided up. The braids are closed off with natural parting closure piece. 


Concierge care at its finest! I've used Dana to help me prep for my birthday festivities for the second year in a row. She always does an excellent job of executing my idea while giving me tips and hints about how to step out of my comfort zone - and she is always right. I totally love that for a flat fee, she will come to me to do my make up. She is talented, extremely personable and puts you at ease - all excellent qualities when wanting to be serviced in the comfort of your home. Dana is highly recommended. I can't wait to see what we come up with for next year's look!


Coconut Oil the Secret to Longer Hair? 

If you suffer from dry hair, you know that this can lead to breakage which keeps your hair from growing its longest. While coconut oil will not make the hair grow faster, it can help with dry hair conditions so that hair does not break - and grows longer.

The reason that most moisturizing products will not actually help your dry hair condition is because they cannot actually penetrate the hair shaft. Most oils and moisturizers contain mineral oil or lanolin as the moisturizer. These products only coat your hair and provide the illusion of moisture with a temporary gloss.Water based products can actually penetrate and moisturize well, but they can make relaxed or heat styled hair swell.

Virgin coconut oil is an effective moisturizer because it actually penetrates the hair shaft to moisturize the hair from within the strand. It also helps to prevent protein losses from the hair so that the hair is stronger and less vulnerable to breakage.

Coconut oil can be used as a pre-shampoo moisture treatment and as a daily moisturizer. It is important that you use Organic, Virgin Coconut Oil. This oil is not processed. It is solid at room temperature and turns into liquid at 76 degrees.

While coconut oil can help dry hair, it's only a part of your healthy hair journey! Every healthy hair journey starts with a strong foundation. 

A note from The Hair Wiz

Please be advised of the policies.

  • A 5% interest charge for any outstanding balance greater than 30 days. 
  • There is a $50 cancellation fee that applies when an appointment is not upheld for any reason including being cancelled in less than 48 hours prior to the reserved appointment time.
  • The Hair Wiz aims to please all clients. Therefore, in any event you are unsatisfied with the  services I have provided please inform me before we depart. Due to limited appointment availabilty I will try to work with you and gladly resolve any problems within reasonable time. (No refunds)
  • For safety reasons I do not carry cash. Please have exact change at the time of service. Any additional tender will humbly be accepted as a tip. 
  •  Hair Wiz is not responsible for allergic reactions to products or synthetic hair fibers. 

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